You Can Reduce Your Professional Liability Risk

You Can Reduce Your Professional Liability Risk

Every Texas business has some level of risk when it comes to professional liability. This kind of coverage is not just for lawyers or doctors. Your business most likely has a risk in this area. We recommend professional liability insurance to many of our clients.

If you perform any of these services, you may need professional liability insurance:

  • Provide any construction management
  • Provide advice to clients
  • Perform professional services
  • Advise client on how to save money
  • Provide advice on how to install equipment
  • Recommend any building code changes

How to Reduce the Likelihood of a Claim

  1. Keep and maintain a professional code of conduct.
  2. Make sure clients understand what their product covers and doesn’t cover, as well as all moving parts, fees and expenses, and any underlying risks and guarantees. You can never over-educate a client.
  3. Have written procedures relating to client communication and follow-up.
  4. Do not provide advice if you are not qualified to do so.
  5. Make sure to disclose all required information and be very upfront about your record of accomplishment, business practices, and affiliated advisors and companies.

Most businesses purchase general liability insurance to protect their businesses against certain kinds of claims. These claims could include bodily injury and property damage. It is very important for businesses to understand the difference between professional liability and general liability.

At Heaton Bennett Insurance we have the experience and expertise to evaluate the risks associated with your service or consultative related business or profession in Texas and provide appropriate coverage through one of our highly rated insurance companies.

Give us a call today and let one of our experienced agents evaluate the Liability risks unique to your business or profession at (512) 372-8311. We service liability insurance in Austin, Texas, including the Cedar Park, Georgetown, Lakeway, Pflugerville, and Round Rock areas.

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