There Is Insurance for (Almost) Everything

There Is Insurance for (Almost) Everything

A Texas Business Insurance Update

Most business owners buy commercial insurance to cover fire, theft, and certain liability risks.  However, did you know there are many unique insurance products that can also protect your business?  Your business insurance should be able to respond to almost all the activities in which you are involved, but if you are not adequately insured, it may not.  Therefore, we thought we would explain several business coverages’ you may not have considered.

Unique Kinds of Business Insurance Offer By Heaton Bennett Insurance Agency

Political Risk Insurance —The world is becoming a very dangerous place, so there is coverage for business owners and executives who travel to foreign countries.  Kidnap, and ransom coverage can protect your executives in case of an unforeseen event.

Giving Advice — Do you or your employees give advice to your customers?  If so, you may need Professional Liability Insurance.

Foreign Liability — If you export products to a foreign county, your business is at risk of a product liability claim if the products cause an injury or loss.

Loss of Value — If you rely on your voice or other talent to produce income, you can buy insurance to cover yourself in the event you are unable to perform.

Environmental — Environmental insurance is there to protect humans and physical assets from the effects of pollution exposure, so you can carry on running your business without worrying about major oil spills or other catastrophic events.

Animal Insurance — Many people insure their pets, but you can also buy coverage to insure your chickens or other animals.

Tax Opinion Insurance — Acquisitions, reorganizations, mergers, or other changes of ownership can present complicated tax problems.  Tax insurance protects the business in the event the transaction produces a larger than expected tax liability.

We are prepared to help you manage all your business risks. At Heaton Bennett Insurance, we pride ourselves in effectively and efficiently evaluating your business insurance needs in Austin, Texas. Nobody knows your business better than you, and nobody knows business insurance better than Heaton Bennett.


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