Don’t Let the Company Holiday Party Turn Into An Employment Claim

Don’t Let the Company Holiday Party Turn Into An Employment Claim

Company Holiday Parties Increase Risks

Your company Holiday party was going great, and everyone was having a wonderful time. Except one of the female employees said that a manager touched her and made unwanted advances.  Now she is filing an employment liability claim. This is a scenario that no one wants to happen. 

Your business insurance may not cover this lawsuit unless you have employment practices liability insurance.  Call our office for a review of your commercial insurance today.

Office Holiday Party Safety

  1. Limit the use of alcohol; offer two drink tickets per person.
  2. Make sure you have food at your party.
  3. During the party, monitor alcohol consumption.  Quickly try to diffuse any situations or displays of inappropriate behavior.
  4. Consider having the party at a restaurant. This is a good way to transfer liability.
  5. Make the party optional.
  6. Arrange for cab rides or transportation home for guests who may need it.
  7. Prior to the party, review harassment policies with all employees as a reminder of proper behavior.
  8. Encourager managers to set a good example.
  9. Consider inviting spouses, which is a good way to reduce romantic hook-ups.
  10. Know your state laws.
  11. If you have employees bring food, be sure the food is labeled by type.  Some people may have food allergies.

As long as you don’t charge for drinks, your business insurance will provide coverage (Always check with our office as each policy is different).

We currently serve numerous satisfied businesses and residents with our personalized service, sound risk management principles, quality carriers, and progressive pricing.  With experience and poise, we can provide you autorentershomebusiness coverage, and much more.  Call us today, get a free quote, and begin your journey towards reliable and affordable insurance.

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