Are Rideshare Drivers Covered By Their Auto Insurance?

Are Rideshare Drivers Covered By Their Auto Insurance?

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If you drive your personally owned auto for Uber, Lyft, or even a pizza delivery company, your personal auto insurance will not provide coverage you need, should you be involved in an accident.  Uber and Lyft are "rideshare" services that compete with taxis and more traditional car transport services. These companies do not own or operate their cars and do not hire their drivers directly. Drivers are independent contractors who drive their own vehicles to pick up and drop off customers. Here are two big coverage gaps:

  • Your personal auto insurance policy excludes liability for hauling others for a fee.
  • These rideshare companies also require liability limits above the state minimums.

There are several nsurance companies now offering specific auto insurance coverage for ridesharing risks.

Here are a few tips for rideshare drivers.

  1. Purchase a separate that is intended to cover commercial auto risks of this type with at least a $1,000,000 limit.
  2. Read any, and all, agreements so you know what your responsibilities are.
  3. Keep your vehicle in good working condition.

At Heaton Bennett Insurance, we work with a variety of auto insurance companies in order to provide you with a comprehensive collection of automotive insurance products at a competitive price. Vehicle insurance is designed to protect drivers and their passengers from the financial repercussions of being involved in an accident or other vehicle-related incident. Insurance for your vehicle, or other proof of financial responsibility, is mandatory in every state.


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