Accidents Can Ruin Your Holiday

Accidents Can Ruin Your Holiday

Accidents Can Ruin Your Holiday

A Home Insurance Update From Heaton Bennett Insurance Agency

Are you dashing through the snow to grandma’s house?  Do silver bells keep ringing in your ear?  If you are getting into the holiday spirit, remember your homeowner’s insurance can play an important role in helping keep your home a warm and safe place for the holidays.

Here are some examples of some crazy holiday related insurance claims:

  • A man in Texas was going to clean his pool for a holiday party and carried the bleach from the front of his home to the back.  He did not realize the lid was partially open and bleach dripped all over the carpet.
  • The Smith family put up a nice big Christmas tree in their family room.  They instructed their daughter to water the tree every day.  Their daughter did just that, but there was a hole in the Christmas tree stand, and the water leaked all over their hardwood floors.
  • Parents from Washington wanted to surprise their kids with a 65-inch TV.  They hid it in the garage with a tarp over it.  One of the kids accidentally put the car in drive instead of reverse and ran into the hidden TV.
  • A family tied their fresh Christmas tree to the top of the car and headed home.  A short while later, the tree came loose and hit the car behind them.
  • A local family decided to use a deep fryer to cook the Christmas turkey.  The men all gathered in the garage and dropped the frozen bird in hot grease. The result was a destroyed garage and ruined holiday.

Are you sure these would be covered under your personal insurance? If not, call our office today.

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